Elizabeth Moran

Elizabeth Moran

Business Manager

I am a wife, mom of three sons, runner, reader, delightfully awful dancer, and an all-around wanderer who loves to marvel in the beauty of God’s creation.  I particularly love honey bees and I am a backyard chicken hobbyist.  I met my husband, Joe, in St. Ann’s parking lot after mass in 2009, and we began our family at St. Ann in December 2010.  I attended public elementary and high school and graduated from Xavier University in 2010.  Having experienced both public and private education, I deeply value the rich fullness that Catholic education offers students.  I am delighted that my own children will enjoy their primary education at St. Ann, where they will be guided toward well-rounded development mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  In our spare time, our family enjoys the great outdoors, especially camping.


Email: Info@saintanncs.com
Telephone: (513) 863-0604
Address: 3064 Pleasant Ave, Hamilton, OH 45015

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