Denny Getz

Denny Getz


St. Ann School has been special to me for years, because my mom attended school here and my parents were also married here. Also, my sister is the sixth grade teacher. Before I even started working as a maintenance man, I felt like part of the community. I graduated from Stephen T. Badin High School. Since graduating, I have worked on many different projects; such as, restoring old furniture to make it look new, designed and cut out of wood; quilt hangers, three-dimensional dogs, and other animals. In my spare time, I take care of my many animals: dogs, cats, rabbit, chinchilla, birds and turtles. I have felt very welcomed here at St. Ann and looking forward to many more years.


Telephone: (513) 863-0604
Address: 3064 Pleasant Ave, Hamilton, OH 45015

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