St. Ann prides offers an outstanding religious program. In addition to having the students receive the sacraments of First Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation, the students are able to keep their faith growing by helping in various religious activities around St. Ann. By taking part in the religious activities, the students maintain a deep relationship with God and their Catholic faith.

Morning Gathering
Monday-Thursday the entire school meets in the cafeteria and holds a morning gathering. During morning gathering, a specific class leads prayer which consists of saying 1 decade of the rosary. Each grade level helps to lead prayer on their grade level assigned week. The grade in charge of prayer also sends up their personal class intentions. Morning gathering is an opportunity that the students and staff can meet as one group to pray, say the pledge of allegiance, birthdays, and announcements. It is a great way to start the school day!

School Mass
All of our school masses are student led. School mass is every Friday at 8:00 a.m. led my our excellent pastor, Fr. Tharp. Each grade is assigned a specific week to lead the mass. Grade level teachers direct each class to practice their readings and songs.

Seder Meal and Living Stations
The Seder Meal is the reenactment of the Last Supper. Each grade chooses one student to be an apostle and then eat together on our stage. The rest of the school eats lunch together in the cafeteria. After the Seder Meal, the Living Stations are performed by the seventh grade class. Amy Nusky, our seventh grade teacher, works diligently with the students to put on a touching performance that shows the path Jesus had to take when he carried his cross. It is a very memorable day that students can reflect on all the acts of kindness that Jesus did before his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

May Crowning
The May Crowning is a special day where Mary is honored as the mother of Jesus. During the school mass, the second grade and eighth grade will take up roses and place in front of Mary’s statue. During the ceremony, an eighth grade girl will place a crown of roses will be placed on top of Mary’s head to honor her as Jesus’s loving mother. It is a very special, symbolic and reverent mass. All are welcome to attend!

Service Projects
All students in grades K-8 attend the Bradford Place nursing home to have Mass with the residents. The 6th grade class makes quilts and raffles the quilts off during the Fish Fry to help cover the cost of the buses to attend the Bradford Place. This all school service project allows us to “pay it forward” as a school!